How to provide Oracle Official Training
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2 April 2014
9 to 14 h.
UNED Escuelas Pias
Event targeting schools providing Training Cycles
Presentation of the Oracle Student Campus educational programme.
Official resources and training in Oracle technologies for your students.
1.9 million students in 97 countries are already actively participating in this academic initiative.
The event was be held on 2 April at the Main Hall of Escuelas Pías UNED (Partner Centre of the Spanish National Distance University) located in Calle Tribulete no. 14, 28012 Madrid.

The Partner Centre of UNED in Madrid was established in 1980 to support and provide distance university studies to students in the Autonomous Community of Madrid. The first Board was chaired by the then Mayor of Madrid, Mr Enrique Tierno Galván.


How to get there?

Metro (underground railway network):
Line 3: “Lavapiés” and “Embajadores” Stations.

By bus:
Lines 27, 34, 36, 41, 60, 78, 116, 118 and 148-C.

RENFE Cercanías (regional railway commuting network):
“Embajadores” Station.

Centro Asociado de Madrid de la UNED (Escuelas Pías)  See map
Mapa del hotel
c/ Tribulete, 14
Madrid, 28012
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