How to provide Oracle Official Training
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2 April 2014
9 to 14 h.
UNED Escuelas Pias
Event targeting schools providing Training Cycles
Presentation of the Oracle Student Campus educational programme.
Official resources and training in Oracle technologies for your students.
1.9 million students in 97 countries are already actively participating in this academic initiative.
The Oracle Academy Event was successfully held last April 2nd! We want to thank most sincerely all the participants and attendants for their strong response and acceptance of the presentation in Spain of the Oracle Student Campus project.

Over four hundred people representing Spanish schools providing Vocational Training Cycles showed their interest in the presentation day. The Oracle Student Campus academic initiative, oriented to improving the qualification and recognition of students as ICT professionals in the labour market, was assessed very positively by a substantial part of the attendants.

The full summary of the presentation day is available here. Additionally, if you wish to check further documentation on the event, you may request it on Access Documentation by following the instructions there.

We want to remind you that Oracle Student Campus is an academic initiative designed by PUE together with Oracle Iberia. The purpose is to make it possible for students and teaching staff in schools providing Vocational Training Cycles to train and qualify on a recognised basis in Oracle technologies, including the access to many educational resources.

We strongly hope to rely on your participation in future events! Thank you once again!

Oracle Event

Oracle Event
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